Submission Guidelines

LMP accepts unsolicited submissions of science fiction and fantasy novels. We cannot consider short stories, short story collections, novellas, or poetry. The average length of the novels we publish varies, but is almost never fewer than 80,000 words.

A literary agent is not required for submission. We will not consider manuscripts that are currently on submission to another publisher unless prior arrangements have been made with a literary agent. It may require three months or more for our editors to review a manuscript. If we take longer than three months to review your manuscript, we no longer require an exclusive submission.

Please send us the entire completed manuscript with a query letter addressed to “NOVEL SUBMISSION”. The manuscript should be double-spaced, with at least 1″ margins. Please number your pages consecutively, and put the title of your novel at the top of each page.

Even though it is recommended, it is not necessary for you to register or copyright your work before publication—it is protected by law as long as it has not been published. When published, we will copyright the book in the author’s name and register that copyright with the Library of Congress.

Digital Submission FAQ:

Do I have to create an account to submit a manuscript?
Yes, you must create a free Submittable account to submit a manuscript for consideration.

What type of file is required for submission?
We can accept the following file types: pdf, doc, docx, txt, rtf, wpf, odt, wpd

Do you still accept print submissions?
At this time, we accept only digital submissions. 

Can I submit a work of short fiction?
No. LMP can only consider submissions of novel length.

Do you accept submissions from authors outside the United States?
Yes, we are happy to consider international submissions.

Can I email my manuscript directly to you?
Please submit all manuscripts to our Submittable page. Manuscripts sent to our LMP email account will not be considered for publication.

Do you accept works that have been previously published (self-publishing, e-publishing, etc.)?
LMP can consider all submissions as long as the author currently retains all rights. If you do currently retain all rights, then you may submit the work to us for consideration.